Meet little Sebastian…he is small and placid but eeeeh, don’t you try telling him what to do…he does what he wants!

Sebastian has a heart condition and doctors told his parents when they were expecting him  that he would need a heart surgery at birth some time in January. But Seba had other plans in mind! He sneaked out of his comfy womb as quick as his could on January 1 (such a convenient date, all the doctors are home recovering from the New-Year hang over, anyway), stayed in the ICU unit for just 6 days and then convinced the doctors that he was well enough to go home…yes, the plan worked out perfectly!

Sebastian is now enjoying being home with mum and dad. Every day he receives presents, every day people take pictures of him (even professionals)…aaah life is good for this little guy!

I enjoyed this session so much! He is a joy to work with and he loved my camera. I didn’t have to do anything to attract his attention. He just looked at me with his beautiful little eye (and my heart melted). His mum is so creative that she added the little touch necessary to make this session very special.

I hope you like the pictures as much as I do….

MArk, Sarah & Sebastian for Internet1












MArk, Sarah & Sebastian for Internet3-001

MArk, Sarah & Sebastian for Internet-001

One thought on “Sebastian

  1. Patricia,
    We are super happy with our photo’s of Sebastian, you have truly created not only visual memories but also emotional memories. Mark and I had such a wonderful day with you, you were part of creating our first family moment together – it was a day we won’t forget – thank you so much 🙂

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