This is an other session I absolutely adore ! First of all because there are my friends’kids and secondly because they are the easiest 2 and 3 years old in the world and it made the session so much more fun.

I might state the obvious but when I see the pictures  I just think “Boys will be boys and girls will be girls”…this little girl who is only two years-old is such a little madame! She was full of smiles for the camera, was showing me how pretty she looked in her “owly dress” and was super talkative. The litte boy is more interested and focused on drawing, mud splashing, running after the birds in the park and doesn’t feel like he has to share his thoughts as much as his sister does!

It was a freezing morning but the kids were determined to go the playground no matter how cold it was. They were very good and as I told them in the car  “Kids, you’ve done a great job”.  I’m not sure they understood what I meant…or maybe  they just thought that if going to the playground is an actually job, then they when they grow up, they are going to work at the playground.;0)

I hope you like the session as much as I do…




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