Benjamin is one-year-old!

If you take a look at  my webpage, you will see that I define myself as a stock photographer. The reason being that I produce so many different kind of pictures that it’s hard to fit into one category of photographer.

But I have to say I have a particular preference shooting family portraits. First of all I enjoy myself very much during the shooting and secondly I know that those pictures will be hung on a wall and cherished by the families. That makes my job very rewarding!

It was Benjamin‘s birthday yesterday! I was wondering before the session wether or not he had taken his first steps, if he had teeth, if he had changed much since I had last saw him. He did all this and he is now looking more and more like a little boy rather then a baby.

I’ll be meeting him again next Sunday for his birthday party and I just can’t wait to capture his little face when he’ll see the candles on his birthday cake;0)DSC04835 DSC04919 DSC04925 DSC04982 DSC05069 DSC05058 DSC05030 DSC05015 DSC05147 DSC05214 DSC05258 DSC05283 DSC05431 DSC05459 DSC05465 Benjamin PSD

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