I’ve been spending the last few weeks working on a project in partnership with Unicef in the Congo.

Last Sunday, I went with this beautiful family to a place called Mbudi nature, closed to Kinshasa. Looking at Warren, their little boy, I couldn’t help but thinking about my own childhood in the Congo and how happy I was to grow up here.

Warren is two. When he looks at me and smiles with his big dark eyes and long eyelashes, it just melts my heart. I’m convinced, this little guy will break many hearts when he grows up!

Despite the water being freezing that day, Warren had the time of his life – who would blame him? He had the full attention of his mum and dad and the photographer! But it all got to an end when we decided to have something to eat in a restaurant close by and he found he had to share his precious toys with an other little boy. The drama took place for about….5 min! Typical, 2-years-old!;0)

I love the last pictures where he sleeps happily with his mum and dad after a full day of fun.

I hope you like it too. Have a lovely day everyone!

DSC05795 DSC05832 DSC05837 DSC05840t

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