Noam & Naya

Last week, I was invited to a barbecue and I met a couple that were holding very cute twins in their arms. I tried to carry Noam, the little boy, but he was very shy and wouldn’t leave his dad’s arms. I asked his dad how old they were and and he said 14 months. I was in complete shock! They looked like they were 8 months old maximum. I immediately understood that those children had been malnourished and/or premature.

Their parents told me that Noam and Naya had arrived to their home 3 weeks ago and the more they were telling me their story the more I was holding my tears and admiring them for what they went through. Of course, I could not resist but to offer them a family session.  It was really wonderful to see the change in such a few days…Noam and Naya were so much more smiley and happy then the first time I had met them.  I’d like to tell you more but I asked their parents to write  a message for all the families that are in the process of adopting children. It may not be easy every day but trust me, when I look at this family I think  It’s worth it!

We welcomed our adopted twin babies, Noam and Naya, in November, and the love that they have brought us has swept us off our feet. After so much longing and pain while waiting for them, so much anxiety about the possibility we may never be together, we are incredibly happy and grateful they have entered our lives.
We went through 5 years of administrative processes before being finally being ‘screened’ and ‘chosen’ to be adoptive parents; however the almost one-year wait for our children, stuck in an orphanage, was excruciating. While we live in the same country they are born to, we were never allowed to go visit them at the orphanage, not able to meet them until all the paperwork were in order… During that one year, many times we thought we were going crazy, with no news and no information on how they were doing, how were they fed, did they sleep under mosquito nets to avoid malaria, did they get vaccination, what happened if they felt sick etc…, and above all no clue on fast how the administrative procedure was evolving – i.e. another 8 weeks or another 8 months’ wait?… 
Our babies finally came to us one day, delivered overnight like a little ‘package’, frightened, crying. Malnourished also – the weight and size of 6-month old while they are 14 m-o.
We were overwhelmed with joy, love, and panic at the same time. They were crying so much for the first 3 days, that we were worried they would reject us. On the 4th day, they started playing and smiling. On the 5th day, they started laughing and have not stopped smiling at us ever since….
Everyday they discover something new, and they fill our hearts with love. We can spend hours just watching them play, smile, clap their hands, ‘dance’, sing…
They are our little miracle. 
Our long fight for them was worth it. This is our message to all potential adoptive parents: never give up, never lose hope, keep fighting.
Thank you Patricia for seizing this moment, on their 21st day with us. 
You are a magnificent photographer and above all an incredibly kind human being. Your pictures of us not only illustrate the love that bonds our newly formed family, but also express your kindness in every shared moment.
Nelly & Etienne

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