One Year Program – Session III

Look at how cute this little guy has become! I have been so busy with my project in the Congo  that I couldn’t not schedule a session before a few days ago.

It was so nice to see him again and I loved catching up with his mum! He woke up a few minutes after I arrived full of smiles and mischieves – to my delight!  He is so expressive and knows very well what he wants (my camera being one the most interesting thing to him that day).

I’ve been following this little boy ever since his mum was pregnant of him and I must admit that I’m always very excited to meet them every time. She was showing me the album of her pregnancy with the pictures I had taken of her and it touched me very much. I remember when she was pregnant, we were wondering how her little boy would be and now look at him nearly two years later…a happy and clever little boy that makes everybody smile every day.

I love documenting children growing. It makes my work very rewarding…

It was hard to choose pictures… I like them all. My favorite picture is probably the one in front of the window.

I hope you like them as much as do;0)

DSC06750 2

DSC06776 2

DSC06873 2

DSC06878 2

DSC06891 2

DSC06944 2

DSC06957 2

DSC06979 2

DSC06993 2

DSC07051 2

DSC07068 2

DSC07089 2

DSC07110 2

DSC07148 2

DSC07157 2

DSC07261 2

DSC07362 2

DSC07415 2

DSC07513 2

DSC07529 2

DSC07545 2

Kemal 1 year Jpg for internet

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