Eva & Sofia

Right, so I could not wait to work on those pictures because I am super excited this session happened and also because I will be traveling again for a little while.

Do you remember little Isaak? Well, his twin sisters finallycame to this world 3 months ago.  I was supposed to take picture of Eva & Sofia soon after they were born, but unfortunately little Eva developed a kidney infection and she is now on dialysis every night. She will have a kidney transplant  in a few months. Of course she is smaller than her sister Eva and one would think she is a little weaker…

But appearances can be deceptive. Eva is unbelievably strong! You can already tell from such a young age that she has a much stronger personality than Sofia.

I loved this session very much because that day, Eva & Sofia came together with Isaak, their mum, grand-mother and great grand mother. It really made it very special..


I hope you like the pictures as much as I do…

Sofia & Eva - PSD2

IMG_5223 IMG_5225 IMG_5241 IMG_5219 Sofia & Eva - PSD1 IMG_5093 IMG_5196 IMG_5053 IMG_5091 IMG_5067 IMG_5084 IMG_5134 IMG_5107 IMG_5147 IMG_5149 IMG_5166 IMG_5178 IMG_5185 IMG_5198

IMG_5029IMG_5018 IMG_5048 Sofia & Eva - petite Sofia & Eva - PSD IMG_4837 IMG_4842 IMG_4850 IMG_4838 IMG_4854 IMG_4902 IMG_4905 IMG_4935

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