Mme Mondialisation

I love observing my girl growing! I could spend days taking pictures of her playing with her cat and interacting with nature. She actually only has eyes for nature. Since she is 4-months-old she’s been spending hours looking at the birds in the garden. In town, she sees the smallest spot of nature that there could be…grass growing between stones, birds hiding in the only tree remaining, ants, bees, flies and this no matter how much traffic or people there is.

This morning,  we were having breakfast with friends and we were discussing wether or not the world is a worse place than it was 50 years ago, 100 years ago, 1000 years ago…and we decided that it was not. There were always wars, crisis and catastrophes…the only major difference is that now on the top of all the crisis we are facing we are now have to deal with nature declining like never before.

And I wonder…will my girl still enjoy observing bees in 50 years time or will they all be extinct by then? Will her children be able to play in a baby pool or will all the water be polluted by then? Despite all dark projections for the future, my positive nature wants to believe it will all be possible…only if each of us cares for what is left!

Mila- May 2016 - petites 5H0A5289 5H0A5293 5H0A5294 5H0A5309 5H0A5315 5H0A5317 5H0A5324 5H0A5326 5H0A5334 5H0A5345 5H0A5350 5H0A5353 5H0A5359 5H0A5364 5H0A5372 5H0A5384 5H0A5385 5H0A5386 5H0A5389 5H0A5401 5H0A5429 5H0A5431 5H0A5440 5H0A5444 5H0A5454 5H0A5455 5H0A5460 5H0A5462 5H0A5472 5H0A5499 Mila- May 2016 - petites-001

Mila- May 2016 - petites2

Mila- May 2016 - petites3

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