The twins

I love this session. It always makes me happy to take pictures for my friends. My friend Maisha is expecting twin girls. She looks absolutely stunning and I love the shape of her belly that reminds me a lot of my own expecting belly!;0)

The great thing about taking pictures for friends is the session itself. It so relaxed…you choose the clothes together, you have a coffee…then you take a few shots, then you chat a little…then you take some shots and then you have tea…it so relaxing and the result is always gorgeous.

It was hard to pick my favourite pictures but I guess the one where she lies on the bed  and turns around to look at me with her big smile is my favourite. She has this big smile that brightens her day.

I can’t wait to meet her little girls in a few weeks! I hope you will like the session as much as I do…

img_8153baby-wordpress1img_8378img_8428 baby-wordpress3img_8348 img_8313 img_8283 img_8278 img_8272 img_8303

img_8065 img_8046 img_8036 img_8029 img_8012img_7980



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