First day of Spring

I had the pleasure to take pictures of Ivan,  Zeljka & their kids for the fourth times.

Zeljka is an amazing eclectic artist who designs  furnitures, accessories and textile (take a look at her page HERE) so I always feel very challenged to deliver her pictures that I know will suit her artistic eye! Zeljka is by far one of the most stylish mama I know.

We have a pattern now… we always start by having a tea somewhere while discussing endlessly about where we are going to live next, then of course we talk about the kids and how quickly they adapt to new situations (typical of expect children I suppose) and then off we go for a walk around town… till the kids beg us to go back home because they are tired of walking around! ;0)

I feel very close to them because we Iive the same lifestyle and have a lot in common. We don’t see each other but I always look forward to see them.

I love that session because it was the first day of spring which of course as a symbolic meaning. The weather welcomed us with a big bright sun and the kids had a lot of fun.

I hope you like the pictures as much as I do!

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