One Year Program

For Clients who wish, I offer a one year program called “watch me grow”. I come four times in a year and I capture the milestones of your child’s development.  Usually, the watch me grow program starts at three weeks old but in fact it can start at any age.

Many clients start early. They book the maternity session, birth and then they add the watch me grow package.

Here are some details for every sessions:

The maternity session is best at 7 months of pregnancy. The belly is not too small nor too big. I like the maternity session to be outdoors if the weather allows it. I go with the future parents to their favorite spots and and I try to capture the excitement and the love they have for each other.

The birth session is like a documentary and is cherished by mum. During the birth process parents are so concentrated on themselves that they often miss what is happening around them. The time, the family waiting outside anxious to see the baby, the way dad shows his suport to his wife. It is the session that has the most impact on people because just discover through my pictures the moments they had missed. I do not publish those pictures on the internet apart from sample pictures for the future mums.

The newborn session* are very special. I usually do newborn session before the baby is three weeks old. The reason being that if the room is warm enough, the baby just sleeps trough the whole process and is not bothered with the pictures. You can put him in any position and he/she won’t even notice it. I usually come with a lot of props for that session such as throws, scarves, hats, etc.

The 3 months session* to me is the dad session. Your baby’s personality starts  to show up. He knows exactly what he wants and makes it clear to you. It is also the age when the bond between babies and dads becomes more obvious. Babies smile as soon as they  sees their dads and dads boast about it;0).

The 6 months session*. At that age babies are starting to sit down, they hold toys, they coo all day long, they are all sunshine and smiles. I love sessions with babies of this age and I also encourage grand-parents or other members of the family to come along to the session.

The one year session is obviously an important milestone! Your child is now a toddler, he starts walking around, socialising with his friends, playi. Its a fun age to photograph children.

Children session is pure fun, fun and more fun. Kids usually love pictures and they love posing and making faces. So why not continuing the experience and book a session?

*Because babies do not develop the same way or at the same pace, I don’t always organise the sessions at those exact ages. I can for example come at 3 weeks, 5 months, 9 months and 1 year. It is up to you really. And If your baby decides to take it’s first steps at 15months, we can of course schedule the session at this age.

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