Session details

Sessions usually last between two and three hours so you need to plan your day accordingly.

For a more personalised look, I usually prefer working outdoors when the weather allows it or at your home rather than in a studio.


I am a ON SITE photographer. What does it mean?

On site photographer means that I come to you or to a location of your choice. The session can be held in your home, in your favorite park, by the river, at a farm, you name it.

I can also suggest you my favorite if you run out of ideas!

When should I book the newborn session?

Try contacting me prior to having the baby and let me know about your due date and I will try to accommodate the session within  three first weeks after birth.

What should I do before the session?

I recommend you to be well rested, nice and clean and well fed. I like to come when baby is sleeping take some pictures and catch the big smiles when he/ she wakes up. So if the baby already has a routine let me know about it.  If your child is not feeling well, it’s recommended to reschedule for another day.

What should my child/baby wear?

Layered outfits, rubber boots, hats or beanies, scarves, overalls, bare feet, blankets, swaddles and bare bum for newborns! If you not sure about it, I’d love to assit! White clothing or anything with written logos is not recommended. For multiple children keep outfits coordinating but not matching.


What should I wear for my maternity session?

Try to wear maternity outfits as they are design to show your beautiful curves. Bring nice bright and colorful tops.

If you have nice wraps and scarves do not hesitate to wear them. For the bottom part jeans and skirts that fit below your belly look generally good.

But the most important is to bring your smile and happiness along;0)

What happens next?

It will take me on average three weeks to give you back the pictures retouched. I will either provide you a DVD with the pictures or create a private album on Picassa where you will be able to download the photos of the session in high resolution.

You will also need to sign a form of consent to publish the pictures of the session on the blog and any sites related.

If you need additional printing services you can always visit “my boutique” and check the shop.